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Case Study: High Quality Gear Manufacturing through Gear Grinding.

Excerpted from Gear Solutions Magazine Jan 2006 

Well-known for its gear grinding capabilities, Nixon Gear-a member company of Gear Motions’, Gear manufacturing companies -discusses how it earned its reputation for gear grinding excellence. By Sam Haines & Ron Wright

“Why did we decide to grind gear teeth? There are many benefits, including improved gear quality, lowering gear noise levels and increasing gear box life.” How does a small private gear manufacturer work its way into a premier gear grinding shop? As Nixon Gear approaches its 90th birthday-with 36 of those years focused on developing state of the art gear grinding -it just may have become one. The following is the history of gear grinding and gear manufacturing at Nixon Gear and some of what we’ve experienced and learned along the way. Contact Gear Motions about their gear manufacturing capabilities…

Beginnings…White Papers

In 1920, George Nixon founded Nixon Broach and Tool Company with the intention of selling general machining and special tooling. The company drifted into gear manufacturing, and by 1924 it had changed its name to Nixon Gear and Machine. Beginning in a small building, In what was then central Syracuse, NY the company prospered and eventually built three more buildings, with the latest completely climate controlled facility completed in 1992.

White PapersLucky Decisions…

The late sixties saw a major shift in the business machine segment of the gear manufacturing market, from steel spur and helical gears to powdered metal gears and plastic gears. Luckily, Nixon Gear bought its first gear grinding machine in 1969.

Why Ground Spur and Helical Gears?

There are many benefits to gear grinding, including improved gear quality, both elemental geometry, leading to lower gear noise and increased lead control White paperswhich improves contact ration and gear set life. All these lead to quiet running gear sets.

Heat treated gears distort. This distortion may decrease the quality level of the gear elements-lead, profile, run-out-by one to three levels. The most significant issue is finding the ones that are bad! Heat treat change is not uniform from gear to gear, and worsens in helical gear manufacturing due to “lead-unwind.”

Gear Grinding normalizes the gear manufacturing process: In fact gear quality exceed pre heat-treated quality levels after gear grinding, and can be improved to several quality levels higher depending on equipment technology. Gear grinding produces consistent, repeatable processes! Gear Motions’ gear manufacturing capabilities…

Early Gear grinding Machines Evolve -

Although ground gear manufacturing was a step up in quality from hobbing and shaving it required long setups.White papers

In the early eighties AZA ground gear manufacturing machines arrived with new wheel dressing technology Instead of using a single point tool, the machines were instead equipped with a motorized dressers utilizing two diamond coated discs-one disc for each tooth flank. Dresser setup and wheel dressing times dropped from hours to minutes, and improved the quality levels!

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The Gear Motions’ companies, Nixon and Oliver Gear, are gear manufacturing specialists in custom ground gear as well as precision spur gears, helical gears, bevel gears and worm gears. The Gear Motions companies’ capabilities include gear design, prototype production and hard finishing. From short to long runs, The Gear Motions Companies will meet all your gear manufacturing needs.





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